UPDATE 9/3/2022

He Made it! Tariq 'The Corn Kid' at the Corn Palace

According to South Dakota Tourism on Facebook, the viral sensation, and corn's biggest fan, Tariq made it to The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Tariq was interviewed on a popular video show Recess Therapy. The host was talking to kids in New York City. A video Tariq's enthusiastic love of corn on the cob has been bringing smiles to the world all week.

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'It's Corn-Tastic'

UPDATE 9/2/2022 10:00 AM After he became a viral sensation, The Corn Kid, Tariq, planned to visit the home of all corn lovers, the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. The plan was to visit on Friday (Aug 2). But, at last report, Tariq and his family had run into travel issues and now their plans are up in the air, according to Dakota News Now.

Original Story 8/30/22:

Meet the 'Corn Kid' from TikTok

Did your first sweet corn experience happen at the state fair or county fair? Or, was it at a Midwestern dinner table someplace? This young corn-loving kid should be the new corn ambassador. I think he has an endorsement future.

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@recesstherapy You can’t have a corn battle without a corn break! 🌽 #corn #recesstherapy #cornkid #cornkidsong #fyp ♬ original sound - Recess Therapy

@recesstherapy Who’s ready for another CORNTASTIC DAY?? 🌽 😃 Tariq is back!! #corn #cornkidinterview #cornkidsong #cornkid #recesstherapy #itsgotthejuice ♬ original sound - Recess Therapy

And, they've taken the kid up a few kernels, rather notches by composing a corn song!

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