When I booked my trip, it was made known that breakfast would be provided every day by the hotel and the continental breakfast.

In America, that usually means cold cereal, maybe oatmeal, some pastries, fruit, and if you're lucky a waffle maker!

I thought each country would be totally different in their breakfast offerings, but not so much. Probably, because they are a hotel and know they have to satisfy travelers from all over.

The biggest difference I noticed was that even when there were pancakes or crepes, there wasn't any syrup. There would be peanut butter or Nutella or even jams and jellies, but no syrup.

Another noticeable difference were the eggs and bacon. Scrambled eggs almost everywhere were pretty runny. Or at least runnier than we would have in America. Also, the bacon wouldn't be cooked all the way, in my opinion. It was gooey sort of. Also, in some places it was more like ham, but not quite ham.

Meat and cheese were at every breakfast as well. In America we don't really consider deli meats and cheeses as breakfast foods. Usually we see them at tailgates or pot lucks, etc.

I ate a lot of pastries on this trip and my favorite were called Pain au chocolat. Basically, it's sort of like a croissant, but not shaped like a curve, with chocolate inside! Yum! They had them at every hotel and in France they were huge!

One more thing, I loved that most places had fresh fruit, including pineapple, my favorite. However, I found it interesting that bananas were not as prevalent over there. I eat a banana almost every day here so that took some adjusting. But the chocolate pastries helped me get over it.

P.S. I don't know how I didn't gain 27 lbs. just from breakfast pastries alone.

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