Another major retailer plans to offer groceries in hopes of picking up sales. Target, Walmart and Kmart have all added groceries to their store shelves. Now Kohl's is teaming up with grocery discounter Aldi to try and do the same. Kohl's will hand over unused store space to Aldi in at least 10 locations later this year.

It's currently just a pilot project, and not the first time Kohl's has tried to boost its bottom line by thinking outside the box. A few months ago, the Wisconsin-based company announced it was teaming up with Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, in order to sell its products and accept Amazon returns.

In this day-in-age of Internet shopping, brick-and-mortar stores all across the country are being forced to come up with unique and different ways to remain a viable option. You have to wonder how long before Kohl's and Aldi decide to go a step further and get into the home delivery business - I can see it happening.

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