Last night I was sitting in the basement playing a new game on the PS4 when I got a strange call from my wife, who was home, on her cell phone.

"Those ducks we saw last night are up on the roof of the house right now," she said when I answered.

"Ok, I'm coming out!"

The night before we were out for a walk and saw what was probably that same pair of mallards fly 15 feet off the ground down our street. I don't know if it was the same ducks, but probably.

Now I had been dying to run into a copy of ACE Combat 7 forever and finally had. I was miffed for one second. Then I realize there have never been ducks on the roof of our house. Other little birds, yes. But not birds as cool as ducks. I don't know anything about ducks except that the male and female stick together for a breeding season. (I don't know why I know that.)

I ran outside and sure enough, there was a mallard couple sitting on the peak of our roof. There were just hanging out. I don't know if they were using our old rusty clogged up gutters to bathe and do their thing, even with the Big Sioux River not far away. But there they were.

That was all. It was just cool.

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