Anytime I go to a sporting event somewhere, even in little ballparks and stadiums, I wonder if that scoreboard came from Brookings.

While attending the Colorodo Rockies game on Sunday at Coors Field I noticed that the scoreboard was much different than it was when I last attended a game back in 2011. It was a lot bigger and was shaped like mountains at the top. After staring at it for a bit a friend nearby said "Yep, it's from Dak."

A little digging on the Daktronics website told me that the scoreboard was brand new this year. It's 258% larger than the old scoreboard, and the old one wasn't small either. I took the photo below at Game 3 of the 2007 World Series.

Andy Erickson
Andy Erickson

The picture at the top doesn't really do it justice as to how massive it is. There are some people milling about like ants in the lower left to give it a little bit of scale. Seeing it in person was impressive. It's 59 feet high and 116.5 feet wide; roughly 20 x 30 yards of scoreboard.

If you're in Denver and the Rockies are in town, Coors Field is a pretty fun hang. Buy a cheap ticket and walk around the park. The rooftop section in right field has the feeling of an outdoor sports bar. You can belly up to the railing and set your beer down and watch the game.

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