Cody's Smokehouse has a fresh coat of paint, a new sign, and they are now hiring. This  must mean it is opening soon.

The location of Cody's Smokehouse, 6401 South Louise Avenue, was originally supposed to be a Quaker Steak & Lube, then was converted to The Draft. And here we are a couple years later with Cody's Smokehouse.

I reached out via e-mail and phone to ask an exact date of opening and never heard back. According to their Facebook page, early August is the best we are going to get.

The Facebook page goes on to state the restaurant's beginnings and mission:

Cody’s Smokehouse started out as a group of guys who have an affection for crafting (and enjoying) the country’s best BBQ. These guys have been in the restaurant business since the 1970’s; following our passion for great food and an all around excellent restaurant experience. Through the process of satisfying our tastebuds, we perfected our own recipe for some darn good BBQ.

I'm ready for some darn good BBQ! It looks like they will have carryout too! And of course a casino, but this is South Dakota, I wouldn't expect anything less.

For a full menu and more information check out their official website here.

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