You see them most, when your backing into the water, or when you pull up to the dock after a long day of sun and fun out on the water. The little names, or sayings that boaters like to inscribe on the back of their boats.

Our Kids Inheritance. Fishizzle. Now Who's the Loser Dad? Elegantly Wasted. Real Nauti. And a favorite that I saw this past weekend while we were at Ft. Randall Dam for the weekend. Motor Boatin' 

Now, a good name or saying on a boat includes a double meaning. One might think of the song by Little Big Town, Pontoon or another popular meaning to the phrase that has to do with, well you know.

Motor Boatin'! Whatever you have on the back of your boat, I'll tell you this. I like reading them. And wondering what you were thinking when you went to the trouble putting it on the boat.

JD Collins via Sprint/Sioux Falls
JD Collins via Sprint/Sioux Falls

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