At Tuesday's Sioux Falls City Council meeting a proposal to distribute surplus money that would go to repair roads and buy homes in a flood plain area of the city was approved.

According to KSFY TV, council members approved the first reading of a proposal for $4.6 million of the city's surplus budget. $One million has already been dedicated toward buying homes along Tomar Park that were flooded. During the March flood lifeboats were sent in to evacuate people from the area, leaving some homeowners devastated.

Where else will the money be directed? Road repair has been a key focus. KSFY reports that along with the mayor, the Director of Finance Shawn Pritchett laid out the details on what will become of the extra funds. One of those areas is where the new Jefferson High School will be built.

Also $1.2 million is being earmarked for a new triage center. Most of which would be used to complete the third floor of the City Hall Annex building.

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