Cigarette smoking is on the decline - in a big way.

What some consider "trendy" cigar smoking and vaping may be on the rise, but cigarette smoking has just hit an all-time low.

A new report released by the Centers for Disease and Prevention reports that just 14% of American adults were cigarette smokers last year. That’s a huge decline. Perhaps the shocking ads on TV are actually having an impact or perhaps it's the cost of nearly $8 per pack. Or perhaps it's simply that people have seen enough of the health risks that accompany smoking.

Frankly, I think smokers just ran out of places to fire up a cigarette. Your car and your backyard are about the only places you can smoke nowadays.

And some more positive news to build on, smoking in teens is on the decline as well.

With that positive news comes this statistic: About 13% of high school students vape with E-cigarettes and other devices.
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