So, last Sunday, I posted on all my social media that honey was the only acceptable dipping sauce for chicken nuggets. Especially, of the McDonalds variety.

What happened next was interesting. People feel very strongly about their Chicken McNuggets.

According to my very scientific method of counting up likes and comments, here is what I found.

On the Facebook post, 64 reactions. Most of which were likes or loves, so I'm assuming that means they also like honey with their nugs. The comments section was a different story. See the results as follows:

  • BBQ - 3
  • Mayochup - 1
  • Honey Mustard - 4
  • Honey - 7
  • Sweet and Sour- 5
  • Ketchup - 2
  • Ranch - 3
  • Hot Mustard - 1
  • Buffalo - 1

Now over on Twitter, there wasn't as much action. Only 2 likes and a couple of comments.

  • Honey - 2
  • Hot Mustard - 1 (It should be noted that the Hot Mustard vote was the same person as on Facebook.)

And finally, Instagram. On the gram, there were 25 likes so, again, I'm assuming that means they agree with honey being the best option. And the comments section also supported this. Three of the comments were saying that they do the same thing.

I also had quite a few comments on Facebook and Instagram stating that they didn't even realize honey was an option. Well, now that you know, you should try it. And you're welcome in advance.

Also, dipping your fries in honey is also acceptable and delicious!

I love a good sweet and salty mashup!

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