There is great joy in the city after a Mayor Ten Haken Facebook Live event. He disclosed that Sioux Falls is (finally) getting a Chick-fil-A.

All the grade schools, all the elemetary schools I visit...number one question. Hands down: 'When are we getting a Chick-fil-A?!'" ~ Paul Ten Haken

Thanks to Chick-fil-A's slick marketing team we know that cows can't spell worth a hoot, so the slogan, "Eat Mor Chiken" will be seen a lot more in Sioux Falls.

The new Chick-fil-A, with no date for opening as of this writing, will be near the Empire Mall along 41st. Street of the former Sioux Falls Ford lot.

I know this news is a little alarming to area chickens, but you're not fooling us. You are not an Easter bunny.






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