Ever thought Sioux Falls was noisy? I don't think it is particularly loud, but it can be. This interactive map from the U.S. Department of Transportation spells out where it is noisiest due to transportation.

The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is most to blame for the noise. Airliners and cargo planes flying in and out account for the majority of the noise in the city. I don't know if the F-16's from the South Dakota Air National Guard are factored into the noise study. It would make sense if they weren't because any time one of the 114th Fighter Wing's finest fly around the city it is loud everywhere (for the record, I would love a ride).


I-29 and I-90 are the next most guilty culprits. The heavily traveled highways make fairly solid pink and yellow shades.

Every major street is also highlighted on the map as well. You don't realize how loud it is along 41st Street. But stand outside your car in the middle of the night when no cars are going by and it's eerily quiet.

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