Looks like Lindsay Lohan isn't the only recipient of Charlie Sheen's extra cash. The 'Anger Management' actor recently plunked down $75,000 to help a cop's daughter beat cancer.

TMZ reports that Sheen recently chatted up a Hermosa Beach, Calif. officer -- and he wasn't having his mug shot taken at the time or anything.

The cop mentioned that a colleague's 10-year-old daughter was battling a rare form of cancer called childhood rhabdomyosarcoma. The disease attacks the muscle tissue and typically takes a year or more of radiation and chemotherapy to treat.

Sheen, a father himself, reportedly told the officer, "No parent should have to watch their kid go through that." He promised to help, and wrote a check the very next day to the Hermosa Beach Police Association, which was fundraising to support the little girl's care. Sheen's body double, Eddie Braun, donated $25,000 to the cause, too.

While Sheen's generosity is heartwarming and commendable, just a note: He gave $75,000 to an innocent kid with cancer ... and $100,000 to Lohan, who reportedly has yet to even thank him for it.

Maybe she's just waiting to find out if thank you notes are tax deductible.

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