As details about Zac Efron's substance abuse problem slowly leaked, fingers began pointing in a rather unsurprising direction: Charlie Sheen. But he swears he's innocent.

On Thursday, Sept. 19, Radar Online published a story saying that as Zac's drug problems worsened, he was "spending a lot of time at Charlie’s Beverly Hills mansion and they were definitely partying together."

“Zac visited Charlie on the set of 'Anger Management,'” an insider supposedly said. “The two would hole up in Charlie’s trailer when he wasn’t filming.”

But Sheen is calling BS on the story, telling TMZ it's a pack of lies. He says he's seen Zac once in the past year -- when the 'High School Musical' star stopped by the 'Anger Management' set to see his publicist (who also happens to be Charlie's publicist).

Sheen also says the last time Zac was at his home was two years ago for a Super Bowl party, so the stories about the two of them going on cocaine benders together are "ridiculous."

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