For years we've all seen Wheaties cereal have representations of different athletes on the box.  Unfortunately I really never liked Wheaties and so it never was a huge draw for me to buy any of that cereal.  Just to have the box I guess would be cool, but it's still sort of a "why"?


On the other hand, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is absolutely DELICIOUS!  And my favorite cereal had a special limited edition recently that sold out in about 90 minutes.  It as a Minnesota Viking special edition featuring Justin Jefferson and his "griddy" dance.

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Where did this Griddy dance originate, anyway?  Louisiana, that's where.  According to "Know your Meme" website, this is how it happened:

The Griddy refers to a dance trend started in 2017 on Instagram by players within Lousiana high school football teams. It became a common touchdown celebration between 2018 and 2022 in both the NCAA and NFL, largely from the professional football players Ja'Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson. It was also added to the video game Fortnite as an emote in 2021. It became a more viral trend in 2022 on TikTok where creators started doing the Griddy dance en masse, showing off their Fortnite characters doing it as well.


Anyway, there was a Tweet sent out saying that this cereal box was on sale and you should grab one right now!  Oh- and it also came with an Under Armour sweatshirt.  Cool, right?  Yeah, they sold out in about 90 minutes.  Good grief!  I didn't even get a chance!

General Mills only released the thing yesterday (Thursday) and they were gone that fast.  I feel like my social media scrolling skills are obviously lacking.  I FOR SURE would have bought a box or even 2!

According to Bring Me the News, Minnesota based General Mills has been doing these limited edition boxes of cereal for a minute.  This is the latest.  There will be more to come.  Oh- but if you missed out, like I did, you can still get this...

If you prefer vintage Minnesota Vikings wide receiver promotional cereal, you can get a box of Moss' Magic Crunch for about $15 on Ebay.

That would be cool, too.

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