Three local volunteers are putting together a do-it-yourself Celebrity Fundraiser to benefit the MS Society.

Laura Scott of South Dakota has been touched by Multiple Sclerosis in her family. Her son, Damon was diagnosed with MS five years ago when he was 16.

Damon is taking his MS diagnosis as well as can be imagined, "MS will not define me, I define me." Damon continues to stay active despite his diagnosis, just maybe not in the ways he was before.

Damon is currently a student at North Dakota State University in hope of becoming a social science teacher and coach. Laura had this to say about the fundraiser, "We are organizing a fundraiser for the National MS Society to help raise money for research to help find a cure for this disease. We hope a cure will be found during his lifetime."

The two other volunteers also have ties to MS. Sarah Hodgson was misdiagnosed with MS after waking up paralyzed. She later found out she had Neuromyletis Optica (NMO) similar to MS. She said, "While the diseases are different, finding a cure for MS and funding research for MS will significantly help the research done for NMO." Adam Jorgensen has a cousin who suffers from MS.

The Celebrity Fundraiser will be on April 6 at ICON Lounge and Event Hall. It is called a Celebrity Fundraiser because pretty much every item up for silent or live auction is some sort of celebrity memorabilia. Items from athletes, musicians, and actors will all be up for auction. For example, Luke Bryan, Alex Rodriguez, Christina Aguilera, and Tom Hanks have all signed items you could bid on.

There will also be a keynote speaker, Krista Harding, She has been working at the National  Multiple Sclerosis Society since 2012.

Your hosts for the evening will be Addie Graham-Kramer and Allen Goodroad. Oh, and there will be live music from Julie Eddy Garry. Not to mention, food and beverages!

You can reserve a table, buy a solo ticket, or buy a pair of tickets.

For more information on auction items or to buy tickets you can check out

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