This flood has been terrible, unprecedented, and plain weird. I happened upon another example of this today.

On my way to the gym from the station I forgot that Oxbow was flooded. Before I turned around I spotted the strangest thing I've seen so far. Two cars that were stuck and abandoned in the water were now encased, at least partially, in ice.

The temperature got down to 26 degrees overnight, plenty cold enough to freeze the top layer of water. It looks like the two cars in the photo are completely encased, but I'm sure the water down low is still not frozen. But then again, after seeing video this morning on KSFY of large front loaders pushing and hauling ice off of 12th Street near Skunk Creek.

And they weren't the only ones. Here is car frozen in place near 41st and Kiwanis.

Car Frozen in Flooding
Anthony Wright/Results Radio

I feel bad for those who inadvertently drove into and drowned their cars in the rising water. I have no sympathy for those who drove into closed and barricaded streets and got stuck, like the genius who got stuck in the 57th Street tunnel overnight and had to be rescued. Sioux Falls Police tweeted a photo of it with a warning.

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