A shopping trip took an unexpected turn on Thursday as a couple traveled from Tea to Sioux Falls.

The two people left a business in Tea with Sioux Falls as their eventual destination. As they were driving east on 271st Street, at the Louise Avenue stop sign, they heard a loud bang.

At first thought, it seemed odd, but not alarming and the couple continued making their way to their intended destination. After some time shopping, they discovered a bullet hole in their car door and called police just after 5:00 PM. Sergeant Aaron Benson of the Sioux Falls Police Department explains what they found.

“They began to load the vehicle when they noticed what appeared to be a bullet hole in the rear driver’s side door. It appeared to be a smaller caliber possibly from a .22.”

Police have no suspects in the case. Benson relayed that the witnesses could only recall a blue car with possible orange license plates in the area of 271st and Louise at that time.

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