A listener of ours, Jill, gave us a call the other day and told us about a farm field in northern Iowa, just over an hour from Rochester, Minnesota, that had something carved into their field. She was able to grab a few pictures for us and I wanted to share them with you! Have you ever driven by a field with something cool carved in it?

Jill told us that this farm field is just north of St. Ansgar, Iowa along Highway 218. So if you're ever in that area keep your eyes peeled. In one of the fields, you can see 'USA'. Check it out! (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.)

Credit: Jill Estal
Credit: Jill Estal

How cool is that! You can also see that in another part of the field they carved 'Iowa'. (Click the picture to make it bigger.)

Credit: Jill Estal
Credit: Jill Estal

I love it when farmers decide to have a little fun with their equipment and do something like this. I'm sure it's a fun project for them but also I'm sure everyone that drives by really enjoys it.

On Google Maps I cruised around trying to find the farm in hopes that they had carved something in their field before and I'd be able to see it. Sadly, I found nothing. But if you're on the hunt for it, Jill told me that it's near a newer development of houses. So keep your eye out for new houses and you'll most likely be able to find the field.

If you ever see something cool like this, we'd love to see it! You can send us photos through our free app, which you can download below.

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