It's TV time, and it's 1990, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99. The decade of the 90's. These days you swear there's NOTHING good on TV anymore! But back in the 90's?

Ahhh...those were the days.

So just for fun, let's find out how well you remember those golden days of television.

Here's 10 questions about TV shows in the 90's. Pick the correct answer and then (but only then!) scroll to the bottom of the page to see just how good you are at useless information from your favorite shows of the 1990's.

OK, here we go!

1) What hit 1990's TV comedy featured the guest characters Sid Farkus, Sally Weaver, Lt. Joe Bookman and Poppie? 1) Friends 2) Home Improvement 3) Seinfeld 4) Full House

2) In what real American city was the fictional County General Hospital located in the medical drama ER? 1) Boston 2) Chicago 3) New York 4) New Orleans

3) What 1990's comedy hit featured a dog named Eddie? 1) Fresh Prince of Bel Air 2) Roseanne 3) 3rd Rock From The Sun 4) Frasier

4) What hit TV comedy featured America's favorite nerd Steve Urkel? 1) Family Ties 2) Family Matters 3) All In The Family 4) Boy Meets World

5) On what hit TV drama did Andy Sipowicz famously (or infamously) show his bare behind? 1) NYPD Blue 2) LA Law 3) Hill Street Blues 4) Ally McBeal

6) What was the name of Tim's wife on the hit comedy 'Home Improvement'?  1) Jane 2) Julia 3) Jasmine 4) Jill

7) What was Paul's occupation on the hit comedy 'Mad About You'? 1) Orthodontist 2) Documentary Filmmaker 3) NYU Professor of English 4) He was Unemployed

8) In what state was 'Northern Exposure' set? 1) Washington 2) Oregon 3) Alaska 4) Minnesota

9) What hit series featured the fictional Cage and Fish law firm? 1) Ally McBeal 2) LA Law 3) Law and Order 4) Hill Street Blues

10) What was Ross Geller's occupation on the hit series 'Friends'? 1) Comdeian 2) Theologian 3) Palaeontologist 4) Wall Street Broker

OK, so do you know your 90's TV?


1) Seinfeld

2) Chicago

3) Frasier

4) Family Matters

5) NYPD Blue

6) Jill

7) Documentary Filmmaker

8) Alaska

9) Ally McBeal

10) Palaeontologist

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