Have you ever rented a moving truck that wasn't big enough, and had to make two trips?  You probably kicked yourself for not paying extra for the bigger one . . . but not as hard as these idiots are kicking themselves.

On Friday, three burglars in Winter Park, Florida decided to rob a woman's house while she wasn't home.  And they managed to pack $10,000 worth of stuff into the U-Haul they rented.

But they wanted more, so they left, unloaded the truck, and then went back for a second load.  But by that time, a neighbor had realized what was going on and called the woman who lived there.

So when they showed up with the empty U-Haul and realized she was HOME, they took off.  But the woman followed them in her car, called 911, and now they're facing charges for burglary, criminal mischief, and grand theft.