Driving around town right now is a strange sight. Right now when I go somewhere I frequent all the time and suddenly there's a bunch of sandbags.

I drive through the area of 41st Street and Cliff Avenue every day. Going by office buildings surrounded by sandbags, plastic, or in the case of the Avera building there, surrounded by sand and plastic. It makes me sad, reminding me that nothing stays the same. Weirdness and crazy things can happen.

Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7
Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7

Sandbags were getting piled up all the way around Schmitt Music. Another office building had plastic and sandbags lining the bottom of the building.

I've lived in this part of town for 11 years now. I've seen the Big Sioux swell out of its banks drowning the dog play areas at Spencer Park and halfway into the giant green of Tuthill Park. I had never seen it crest Cliff Avenue itself, until ten days ago.

As the waters hit their peak Sunday and Monday, here's hoping it doesn't get out of control.

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