A friend of mine with very little kid experience was asked to babysit, and she was unsure of how to keep two young kids occupied for the afternoon.

My advice: bring bubbles

A good ending to this story would have been that the kids were entertained for hours by my advice, and I end up as the hero.

Unfortunately the kids could have cared less about the bubbles, which I still don't understand since they always seemed to work for me.

My daughter, my friends kids, and my bulldog have all been entertained for countless hours thanks to something as simple as dish soap.

I learned that bubble entertainment trick from my mom.

I remember dipping bent coat hangers into an upside down Frisbee filled with dish soap.

I would compete against my brother, and sister to see who could make the largest mammoth sized bubbles before they would burst, and send the stinging soap into your eyes.

Bubble making summer afternoons were always worth the burning pain in the eyes.

This Friday a parade of bubbles will fill the skies of our city, and it's for a good cause.

The Bubble Parade is Friday June 9th, at Terrace Park from 11:00 am till 1:00 pm.

The walk is free, but they are challenging participants to raise money for The Ronald McDonald Houses.

It's sure to be a fun filled family Friday! It's BYOB. Bring your own bubbles.

For more info on the day check out the Bubble Parade Facebook page here.

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