The water crisis continues in Jackson, Mississippi.

A video circulating on social media shows dark brown water pouring out of someone's faucet in Jackson, Mississippi.

The city continues to work on its water system after its failure to supply adequate water to those who Jackson.

The city has advised citizens there to not drink the water, and at one point they advised citizens who are bathing to not open their mouths.

Thousands of cases of water from all over the country are arriving for those in Jackson, Mississippi, still may there want to know what is being done to repair their water supply.

Mississippi Governor Declares Water Emergency For State's Capital, Jackson
Getty Images

According to ABC News, Approximately 180,000 people in Jackson will go without clean or safe drinking water indefinitely after pumps at the main water treatment plant failed.

Continue to check back here for any local water drives that may happen across Acadiana to assist those in Jackson, Mississippi.

Here's the video of the water coming out of the faucet in Jackson, Mississippi.


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