Who doesn't enjoy a good doughnut, right?  I used to hoover down doughnuts by seemingly the dozens several years ago. I also weighed about 50 more pounds than I do now.

I didn't fully understand the word moderation back then.

If your still the kind of person that enjoys a good doughnut most days, you might already be familiar with a unique little doughnut shop up in Brookings then? If not, a road trip is in order sometime in the near future.

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The doughnut shop I am referring to is called Micro Doughnuts, and it's run by Teresa McDermott and her husband, James.

Dakota News Now reports the McDermott's received their inspiration for Micro Doughnuts after visiting a doughnut stand they found at a local market while living in Seattle.

The doughnut stand, and in particular the doughnuts found on it, got the McDermott's wheels turning. Together, they brainstormed ideas on how they could put their own unique, customizable twist on mini doughnuts.

Teresa McDermott told Dakota News Now, “We started just sitting around and came up with all the different toppings, and then we had the doughnut trailer made, and we started doing farmer’s markets, and it just took off.”

The McDermott's micro doughnut journey started in New Mexico and ultimately ended up taking them to Brookings, South Dakota. Where they ditched the doughnut trailer in favor of an actual brick-and-mortar store.

According to the McDermott's, the community of Brookings has embraced Micro Doughnuts. Dakota News Now reports the McDermott's have their regular customers, and they love their regular micro doughnut lovers.

Micro Doughnuts pride themselves in making everything fresh to order. That means once they hand you one of their micro doughnuts, it's still gonna be warm.

Take a peek at Micro Doughnuts complete doughnut menu here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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