Anytime I travel, even if it is just for the weekend, I try not to eat anywhere that I could in Sioux Falls.

I was in Omaha over the weekend and was able to try some new places that the locals love.

First we went to a Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. This is a chain, but Sioux Falls doesn't have one! It is based out of Kansas. If I had to compare it to something, I'd say it's a mix between a Steak N Shake and a Culvers. My burger was delicious and their french fries are very thin! Kind of like the fries Granite City used to have. They also have over the top hot dogs. I don't usually get dessert, but they are known for custard so I had to try it and it was so smooooth. It deserves extra o's for how smooth it was.

The next morning for breakfast, we went to a local favorite 11-Worth Cafe. This place was super busy so you know it must be good. They only do breakfast and lunch. I ordered a Denver Omelette and hash browns (Seriously delicious hash browns! So crispy on the outside!) and instead of toast, I got french toast. I was hoping I could do chocolate chip pancakes, but they said they only had regular pancakes. That was my only complaint. My cousin ordered eggs benedict and my brother ordered chicken fried steak. Everyone left full and satisfied. Our server was super nice and they sang to my brother and gave him ice cream for his birthday!

For my brother's birthday we spent a whole day trying different Omaha breweries, so we needed some good food in the middle of the day to absorb our booze. We had lunch at Benson Brewery! We tried the poutine with bacon! The bacon cost extra but totally worth it. The cheese curds were melted just enough into the gravy and then all on top of fries. Yum! We also tried baked mac and cheese with chicken! That was also amazing! I just kept going back and forth, having one bite of each! My brother ordered buffalo wings and our other friend ordered a Banh Mii sandwich. Again, we were all stuffed and the food was excellent.

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