A life long resident and Brandon City councilor says the accusations of unsafe drinking water and integrity concerns are unfounded. What started as questioning the limiting of water use in Brandon last summer, has now grown to a vocal group of people alleging the water quality in Brandon is not safe.

"This group of people have brought into question the integrity of Stockwell Engineers, the integrity of the city council and the integrity of the Mayor, which is unfortunate, certainly not indicative to what our city is," said Brandon City Council President Blaine Jones.

Jones who has consumed Brandon city water for 54 years says the city has won numerous water quality awards, and the one well that had higher levels of radium, well seven,has never been used.

"I've raised one group of children through this wonderful city.  They drank that water. They're now adults" said Jones. "I've remarried, I've got young children in the house and we drink the water.   The water is safe and for anyone to think that I would intentionally, or the council or the city administration, or Stockwell engineers, would sit on our hands and provide poisonous or carcinogenic water to our citizens is a travesty because it is absolutely untrue."

The group opposing the water quality has concerns over the safety of the water, in particular radium levels,  testing results being available to the public, and the purchase of land for an additional water tower.

The city of Brandon can process and treat 2 million gallons of water a day. That including the reserves in water towers are able to sufficiently meet the need of Brandon residents according to Jones.

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