Unfortunately, the City of Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas in the Sioux Empire are no strangers to crime.  One of the more common crimes that law enforcement encounters is burglaries.

Over the weekend, a Sioux Falls business experienced a burglary in one of its storefronts.  Now this business is informing other local business owners and restaurants to be on "high alert" for an active burglar in the area.

Boss' Pizza and Chicken is urging the public on its Facebook page to assist in locating the man who stole its safe at the Boss' Pizzeria and Sports Bar location off of West Russell Street. This incident occurred on Saturday night. The proprietors of Boss' Pizza and Chicken now believe they know who the man behind the crime is, and this individual is already wanted in Dimock, South Dakota.

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The crew at Boss' Pizza and Chicken firmly believe they have identified the subject in question.

In a separate Facebook post, the establishment thinks that he might be "coming to a bar near you very soon."  The post explains:

If you see him, serve him a drink and call the cops. Notice the very identifiable tattoo on his left forearm. He is definitely coming to a bar or hotel near you...just call the cops. Anyone who would do stuff so brazen is a menace to have on the streets. And he has a getaway driver...

Boss' Pizza and Chicken asked the public to share this post to catch this guy once and for all.  The Sioux Falls Police Department already have him on their radar.  Any information in regards to the subject's whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.  Residents can always give Crime Stoppers a call at (605)-367-7007.

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