I know what your doing right now. Your singing to yourself, 'Pontoon' by Little Big Town. 

Back that Hitch Out Into the Water! 

If you are from the South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska or North Dakota chances are you have drove a car in Downtown Minneapolis. But can you imagine pulling a boat like this to the downtown area for The Minneapolis Boat Show?

That's what Kelly and Shane Cawthorne with Gibson Boats in Tea, South Dakota did this past week. The entire tractor trailer and boat were over 100 feet so you can only imagine there were some interesting turns and back ins that maybe took a little time.

I first noticed that Cawthornes were going to the show in Pam Cawthornes Facebook page. Our son Jake drives truck and has talked about driving a 53 foot trailer in downtown Minneapolis so I couldn't help thinking about getting this behemoth into the event.

I wanted to share some of their photos with you. And give you something to think about when you're backing that Bayliner into the water at Wall Lake outside of Sioux Falls or even at the Missouri River this summer. It kind of gets you thinking warmer thoughts of summer and maybe even buying a bigger boat. Or in Gibson Boats world, maybe buying the biggest boat on the water for Summer 2018.

Used with Permission-Pic by Kelly Cawthorne
Used with Permission-Pic by Kelly Cawthorne

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