Sioux Falls Police Sgt. Paul Creviston says officers are searching for a man who set fire to a vehicle at a car dealership near Russell Street and North Main Avenue Thursday evening.

"It appears from watching the surveillance video a male subject wearing a dark hoodie and grey pants was riding a bicycle. He was holding onto a gas can," explained Creviston.

"He drove past the car lot and onto the bridge on North Drive and then waited for a little bit of time as cars passed by. The individual then ran over to the car lot and proceeded to pour the gasoline onto the hood of the car and set it on fire."

Creviston is asking the public for help if they witnessed the crime.

"The only description we have is the man with the dark hoodie and grey pants. But we are hoping the public will respond once the video is put out by the media."

Creviston says the vehicle, valued at three thousand dollars, was a total loss. Several nearby vehicles also suffered damage.

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