Recently police have received reports of unattended packages being swiped from homes. It proves again that criminals search for easy ways to steal other people’s property.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says there were three recent incidents. Two of them in the area of 38th Street and Louise Avenue and the other near 37th Street and Westbrook Lane. In many ways, Clemens outlines the ways that people can take steps to prevent package theft.

“People are obviously getting a lot of packages through the mail and they know when they are coming. If you can arrange to have somebody home when it’s delivered or have a signature, that’s really going to ensure (packages arrive safely). The other option is being able to pick it up at the Post Office, UPS or FedEx.”

Meanwhile, Clemens notes that surveillance cameras can be a valuable tool, though not a complete deterrent for thieves.

“It’s not going to prevent a theft, but it’s going to help police in the event that something is taken. At least we would have something to go on as opposed to just it just flat-out disappearing.”

Clemens also suggests that it’s especially crucial that if a high-dollar value package is expected that someone is there to retrieve the item.

It’s also notable that packages have been stolen like this year-round in Sioux Falls.


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