May is Better Sleep Month, and I feel like I've been on a quest for better sleep most my life.

I've tried every method, remedy, sleep study, meditation, Melatonin, and a combination of all of the above known to man.

And what I've found is a combination of all of the above is what it takes for me to feel somewhat rested a few times a week.

A big part of my sleep issue is being such a light sleeper, and I use the noise buffers used by all those in the light sleeper tribe to help me stay in dream land.

I found for the best sleep I'm going to get comes from a consistent exercise routine, cutting back on caffeine, sugar, and doing some yoga seems to work best.

In the above video my friend Annie Mello From CPM Fitness shows you a few simple moves to try before you hit the pillow tonight.

Do a little 'Bed Yoga' see if it helps you sleep a little better, and stay bendy.


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