During a year where media escapism proved more necessary than ever, going to the movies offered a special kind of catharsis for viewers—and thankfully, Hollywood delivered plenty of wonderful escape routes.

Horror movies celebrated a milestone year (in the era of Trump, go figure) with a number of critically acclaimed films, from Jordan Peele's Get Out to It, while the superhero genre and animation industry offered plenty of opportunities for moviegoers to tap out of reality and have a little much-needed fun with movies like Wonder Woman and Disney-Pixar's Coco enchanting audiences.

Drama, as always, was inescapable, with films like Call Me By Your Name and Only the Brave drawing in viewers with sordid love stories and thrilling acts of bravery. No matter the genre, though, we'll be thinking of—and re-watching!—these films for years to come.

Check out PopCrush’s best movies of 2017 (in no particular order):

The Best Movies of 2017

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