To anyone who has ever been to college, you know that classes can be stressful. So you need to find a place to unwind for a bit. Kick back, have a cold one with your buddy's enjoy some live music and cheer on the school's sports team. But where do you go?

Well luckily the people over at, have conducted a nationwide survey to determine, "The 51 best college bars in America" and one South Dakota college bar made the list. Carey's Bar in Vermillion, South Dakota. The website says:

In terms of casual spots for USD students to gatherCarey's Bar is always at the top of the list. Their stellar Bloodys (supposedly the best in South Dakota), relaxed beer garden and live music are hard to beat.

The bar opened in 1954, and although some minor changes have been made through the years, many alumni say that the place still looks the same and holds a special place in their hearts. So next time you are down in Vermillion, stop on by, order a bloody marry, and cheer on the Yotes!


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