It's back-to-school time, but not just for elementary or high schoolers. Universities will be back in session in just a few weeks. Sororities and Fraternities are well into their recruitment process. Here's something I didn't expect: the world is fascinated with 'rushing' and its showing on Tik Tok.

'Rush Tok' is going viral again, with PNM's a.k.a potential new members, documenting their journey to joining a sorority on the app -- with over 1 billion views. The University of Alabama is back on top of the totem pole this year.

Now, you may be wondering: Why is this getting so many views? People are treating this like football season, or their favorite show coming back for a new season. It's a spectacle.

#BamaRush is trending worldwide. For two weeks, people will get an inside look at how rushing works, and what life is like for PNMs -- including wardrobe, rigorous schedules, tips on what essentials you should have on hand, and finally, deciding which sorority is the perfect fit for them.

Many of the people watching these videos are not from the United States. Sororities and Fraternities don't exist outside of the borders. They are curious and intrigued by the lengths these girls will go to get a bid to one of these sorority houses. Think of it like Survivor or American Idol: many girls go into the rush gauntlet, but only a few make it out successfully.

The University of Alabama seems to be the end-all-be-all of sorority recruitment. Bama puts on a show every day for 2 weeks, and it is WILD. There are different themes every day, full house decorations, costumes, and tons of chants and dances.

For instance, there's a video of a recruit talking about what is in her rush bag, essentially just things she would need after a day of touring different houses and meeting with different people. Simple, right?

Well, this simple video below has been viewed 3.3 million times. If you look at the comments on the video, most of them are from other countries commenting and interacting with the video so that their TikTok algorithm will keep showing Bama Rush videos. Check it out:

There are millions of views on all of these videos. They all compete on Tik Tok for the crown, and some potential new members could be swayed by who has the most clout and views.

Here's another video on a PNM getting ready for her first day of rush. Again, it's addicting. You can't stop watching.

It's survival of the fittest during Bama Rush. We can only watch and see the inevitable drama that will happen in the next two weeks. See you on the other side, ya'll.

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