Ok, so maybe 'invaded' was a bit of hyperbole, but a couple members of NSync have been spotted checking out Backstreet Boys in Vegas.

Now, 12 year old me is freaking out because all I ever wanted was for these two groups to get along. And apparently, 20+ years later, they do.

First, it was Joey Fatone from NSync. He showed up at their show about a week ago. And this proceeded to happen.

You're tearin' up the shape of our hearts tonight @realjoeyfatone ❤️

A post shared by backstreetboys (@backstreetboys) on

Don't you just love social media?!?! Then just a couple days ago, none other than Lance Bass shows up!  

We really showed @lancebass the shape of our hearts tonight. Thanks for coming by #BSBVegas, brother! A post shared by backstreetboys (@backstreetboys) on

Who will it be next? Maybe someone from 98 Degrees shows up, or LFO? Or what if Justin Timberlake pops his head into the crowd?!?! I might die!

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