It looks like brunch could be becoming a dangerous time of the day. All thanks to the avocado.

The Times of London reports that there has been a rise in visits to hospitals, in the UK at least, thanks to Avocado Hand. It seems that a growing love of avocados has a dark side because people don't know how to cut them and are cutting themselves. In fact The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon has suggested putting warning labels on the fruit.

The injuries are described in The Times as "serious stab and slash injuries that are the result of failed attempts to penetrate the fruit’s hard outer casing with a sharp knife before encountering a resistant inner stone."

In all my years of guacamole making, I never considered the skin of the avocado to be all that hard, but whatever. The big seed in the middle of the fruit could be a surprise, I guess if you have never seen an avocado before. But really, what are these people doing? Are they just setting an avocado on the counter and slashing and stabbing at it like Wolverine in the woods? It's probably less of an avocado problem and more of a proper knife usage problem.

You can see some of the injuries in this video:

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