There are more than two dozen new food choices to explore at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair, and after working your way through the list two things are definite: 1, you will be stuffed. 2, you'll be thirsty.

Just released, 56 brand-new beverages for fair-goers. Wow, the porta-potty lines are going too backed up!

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This is one of the best state fairs in the country and since COVID scrapped most of them in 2020, Minnesota is so ready and so proud to welcome you back, August 26-September 6.

Top tier entertainment, fun, games, the food, and when you want to get your drink-on, head to the fair for new ciders, slushies, ales, seltzers, lagers, punch, IPAs, shandies, and more.

The list is huge. And it will complement any food on a stick!

Speaking of food, if you missed it last month, here are the new food choices at the Minnesota State Fair.

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