I personally have hit deer with various vehicles in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota.

It's gotten to the point that I feel there is some sort of organized conspiracy among the deer population to either take me out or at the very least astronomically skyrocket my auto insurance rates.

Turns out that I am just kinda unlucky and happen to have lived in the 3 states that have a high probability of drivers colliding with deer.

State Farm crunched the numbers and came up with a state by state breakdown for your 2016 Likelihood of Collision with Deer.  Here are the Top 7:

  1. West Virginia: 1 in 41
  2. Montana: 1 in 58
  3. Pennsylvania: 1 in 67
  4. Iowa:  1 in 68
  5. South Dakota: 1 in 70
  6. Wisconsin: 1 in 77
  7. Minnesota: 1 in 80

Just a note, if you hit a deer while driving in Hawaii you are really unlucky.  Your chance of a vehicle collision with hoofed venison on the Big Island is 1 in 18,955.

Source: BankRate.com

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