Are you a poet, and do you know it? If so, you just may be the next poet laureate of South Dakota.

If you don't know, a  poet laureate " a poet officially appointed by a government or conferring institution, typically expected to compose poems for special events and occasions."

It's kind of like being the official poet of South Dakota.

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South Dakota's current poet laureate is Christine Stewart-Nunez. Along with being a poet and writer, she was a Professor of English at South Dakota State University.

Stewart-Nunez's term as poet laureate is coming to an end and South Dakota's governor will name a new one to hold the honor for a four-year term from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2027.

The South Dakota State Poetry Society is starting its search for a candidate they can recommend to the governor for consideration.

"The potential candidate needs to be a South Dakota resident with a recognized, published body of work. The successful candidate is expected to actively promote and encourage the writing of poetry in South Dakota through workshops, speaking engagements, etc. No actual monetary salary exists for this position, but funding to pursue programs may be available from various sources."

Is that you or someone you know? If so here's what to do:

  • Applications will be accepted from November 1, through Nov.30, 2022.
  • Check SDPOETRY.ORG for the submissions link.
  • Include a cover letter stating how you would be an ambassador for poetry in South Dakota. Innovative ideas for inspiring the writing and sharing of poetry are important components of the nomination.
  • Attach a resume and bio.
  • Includes a representative sample of published work (up to 20 pages) in one document.
The next poet laureate of South Dakota will be the state's eighth. The state's poet laureate position was established in 1937.

South Dakota’s first poet laureate was a man named Badger Clark. According to the South Dakota Historical Society Foundation, Clark is most remembered for his work A Cowboy’s Prayer and Ridin.

South Dakota Poet Laureates

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