Going to a department store dressing room to see how a potential new clothing item may look on you can range from fun to torture. Regardless of your size, a secret item could be skewing the truth of how you actually look.

A specially shaped mirror could be staring back at you and tweaking with your weight, slimming ten pounds or more of your visual perception. Think of it as a subtle funhouse mirror, in your favor.

Why would these mirrors be placed in clothing departments? Stores want you to feel good, and in turn, make more money.

In a publication from Business Insider, 88% of customers who used the skinny mirror made a purchase, compared to 73% of customers who used a regular mirror. the study found. Overall, the skinny mirror group contributed to 54% of total sales. The skinny mirror is an actual brand. Other similar mirrors also exist.

The thought of an altered reflection never came to mind until I realized some of the main mirrors in a hallway of the try-on room in Sioux Falls made me look slimmer than the ones in the private rooms themselves. My daughter actually pointed it out. She asked me which one was more accurate. I told her which one was truer to reality, quickly followed by the fact that she looked beautiful in either reflection.

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