Today Tasha and I went down to the Children's Inn gift wrap booth at the Empire Mall to do a little gift wrapping in a friendly competition with our co-workers and some folks from KSFY. To my surprise, we won. Sort of.

The challenge was an individual competition. My individual gift was awful. I was out of the competition. Tash did quite well and she wrapped one up nicely and moved on.

Then the rules changed and each contestant needed a partner. Each of the two people would only be allowed to use one hand and must work as a team to wrap the box. Tash and I looked around to see who was available and as it turned out I was the only one left. So I was not her first choice. Not that I didn't want to do it, but I suck at wrapping presents.

Knowing my limitations, I just said: "Tell me what you want me to do."

She measured and cut the paper, I put it where she told me to, she taped it down. Repeat. One mistake on the first one was we both let go of the side fold over at the same time. We both learned without saying it: I hold, she tapes.

On the second one, in the finals, we were a machine and knocked it out in no time. Despite an accusation of cheating on a bow that had the sticky cover removed prematurely, we still took home the title.

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