Hello Senator Thune. You don’t know me and I’ve never met you. I’m just a South Dakota husband, father, taxpayer, voter and citizen, but I have an idea to present to you.

Things are a bit messy in DC these days. While I’d bet we may disagree on some hot-button political issues, it’s safe to say we both love our country. There are times, like now, when that love of America must come first. It must come before career, before party and before short-term media image.

You have been representing South Dakota in Washington for 20 years and have been involved in South Dakota politics and the Republican Party since the mid-80s. You’re the grandchild and son of immigrants that grew up in small town South Dakota. You are educated, well-traveled, athletic: a great example of what South Dakota produces.

You are the senior senator from South Dakota. You were reelected in 2016 with 76% of the vote. You don’t have to run for reelection until 2022.

Those are important points to keep in mind. Electorally speaking, you are relatively safe; you have a bit of a political cushion. Combine that with your status as the senior Washington representative from South Dakota, you are in a real position to make history.

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Senator Thune, you and I probably agree on more things than we realize. In the same way that my father and I disagree in issues; it’s mostly in procedure, not outcome that we differ.

I'm confident that we share the same goals for the United States of America. We both want a strong and prosperous nation where every citizen has the opportunity to be their best.

A core strength of the American government is differing viewpoints working together to build comprise. It can be slow. It can be frustrating, but it is still the best system in the history of the world.

Like me, I'm guessing you also hold nearly-sacred the Constitution and the role of a government that is granted authority to govern by the governed. Each elected official in every level of national, state and local government in the US is ultimately an employee of the citizens.

So Senator, I am asking that you secure your place in history and save our country. To be the check and balance that our founding document demands.

You need to speak up, call for, and lead investigations into the actions of the administration. Start wherever you'd like: conflicts of interest, business connections, overreach, etc.

This can only best be done by a member of your party. Anything the opposition does, no matter how honest and honorable, is too easily spun as political opportunism and dismissed. However, if a prominent and respected member of your party stands up for America, they will be taken seriously.

This has to be done. It will further secure the US's place in the world by demonstrating that we are strong enough to put country first, before fleeting TV embarrassment. It will show that we are more than one man, and that our moral dedication to truth and freedom are real.

This has to be done to save your party. Both major political parties in our country are in a state of flux. What they look like in the decades to come will be decided over the next few years.

Someone must work to restore the fiscally responsible and real security minded party that I remember from my youth. Extremism from either side always harms the majority in the middle.

Governing is serious business. It’s not our team versus their team. When trillions of dollars, millions of people and the strongest military in the world are involved we must be serious. This is not the time to be dragged along while others try to play-out dorm room fantasies.

The voters will have their say again on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. You Senator, have a chance to speak now. We are waiting to hear what you say.

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