There are lots of things that South Dakota can call it's own. Deep-fried meat cubes, giant sculptures, palaces of corn. We can also lay claim to our own weather. We are far enough south to have a taste of a real mid-continent summer. And far enough north to be kicked in the face with a bit of Arctic winter.

If you ever need to describe South Dakota's weather to someone from the outside here's a handy cheat sheet.

How the Seasons Really Work in South Dakota

January – Snow and cold, so cold. We’re tough, we can take it!

February – Even colder and snow. We’re tough, but getting impatient.

March – Cold, more snow. We’re done with this.

April – Cold, nice, cold, nice and snow. Hey spring could you last more than a day?

May – Rain but with less snow.

June – Oh yea! Nice! Maybe tornadoes.

July – OK, now it’s too hot.

August – So hot, can’t wait for fall.

September – Remember how nice it was in July?

October – Are the leaves falling? No it’s snow.

November – Snow and cold.

December – Snow and cold, but with presents.


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