While on my travels abroad, I had to get used to using three different types of currency.

While in London, England we used British Pounds and while in Switzerland we used the Swiss Franc and everywhere else we used Euros.

And after seeing and using all this foreign currency, I can state for a fact that American money is boring.

All the paper money is the same color. Where is the razzle dazzle?

The prettiest money was the Swiss Franc. Greens and purples! And it was shiny and had butterflies on it!

Also, overseas they love their coins! They have coins for everything.

I also learned that in America we have a bunch of money that we don't use and I never realized how dumb that was until trying to explain it to other people.

So we have a 50 cent piece we don't really use, we have a dollar coin we don't really use, and we have $2 bills we don't really use. They asked why and I didn't have a reason.

Also, giving our coins names like penny, dime, nickel, quarter was apparently a weird thing as well. Overseas they just called the coin what it is. A 5 cent piece and so on.

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