A pretty intense severe thunderstorm rolled through southeastern South Dakota this morning. A panoramic photo of the storm as it approached the Beresford area looks like something out of the movie Independence Day.

After getting off the air I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this photo posted by Sasha Huether, my cousin who lives south of Beresford. Looking at it I kept thinking an enormous mothership spacecraft was going to burst out of the cloud formation, settle over the old barn in the foreground, and blast it and everything else into smithereens.

Photo by Sasha Huether

It was just summer weather in South Dakota.

This storm did produce a pair of radar indicated tornado warnings this morning but there were no reports of an actual touchdown. There was plenty of wind, however, which managed to do plenty of damage including busting up a birch tree in my parents yard in Beresford.

Photo by Linda Erickson