So, I'm old now. I'm 31, which, I guess, means I'm an adult. However, sometimes I think I'm not very good at it or I'm in denial.

I mean, I still love boy bands and am convinced that Jonathan Taylor Thomas and I are meant to be together. And sometimes, I look around my apartment and think "Is this really the living space of an adult?"

For example, I don't own an iron. If something needs to be ironed, I don't buy it. Or just throw it in the dryer for a little bit.

I don't own a coffee pot/maker. It used to be because I just legit didn't like coffee, but now instead of having a coffee pot, I'd rather spend money on a fancy coffee from a coffee shop. I guess, it's still technically because I don't like coffee. I like coffee that tastes kind of like coffee.

I don't own a stand up mixer. I don't do a lot of baking, but I'm always surprised how many people have them. I do have an electric hand mixer though.

And finally, I don't have a headboard. When I bought my bed after college they threw in the frame and box spring, but I didn't even think about a headboard. Maybe someday I'll have a big girl bed.

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