Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery stores across the country have been making various adjustments to ensure the public's safety while shopping.  Aldi is now making its shopping experience even easier for customers by offering curbside pick-up.

According to a recent article from USA Today, the discount shopping center announced that 600 of its stores in 35 states will offer curbside pick-up.  This decision comes after Aldi did a pilot test of this new service in selected markets.  Jason Hart, Aldi CEO recognizes that curbside assistance has been extremely popular and successful throughout the global pandemic.  Hart tells USA Today that Aldi's new curbside pick-up will ensure a better and safer shopping experience for its customers.

Aldi will be using "Instacart," which is a grocery service app for on-demand services for both curbside pick-up and deliveries.  Here's a little heads up: the article from USA Today reports, "The in-store price of a particular item at the time a purchase is made, including for weighted items, may differ from what is available through the Instacart platform."

So is this new convenient service coming to Sioux Falls anytime soon?  Guess is!  SiouxFalls.Business confirms that two of the three Aldi locations throughout Sioux Falls will offer curbside pick-up.  SiouxFalls.Business explains in a recent article, "Customers can select their groceries and other merchandise at and choose a pickup time at checkout. Each store has designated parking spots, and an employee loads groceries into the customer’s vehicle."

As of right now, Aldi's Louise Avenue and Arrowhead Parkway locations will start offering the curbside assistance.  There is no word yet about having this be an option at Aldi's 85th Street store location.

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