I suppose there comes a time in every police officer's career when they admit that they have seen everything. Case in point, a mini-van speeding down an Interstate highway carrying four caged puppies strapped to the top!

After several calls came in to 911 dispatchers, the Akron, Ohio police were finally able to stop the speeding mini-van already half-way to its destination. When questioned by the officers, the man driving the mini-van admitted that he didn't think he was doing anything wrong by transporting the four mixed-breed puppies in a cage strapped to the roof of his van.

The man, his wife and four kids were taking the three-month old puppies on top of their mini-van to the home of his wife's parents in Pennsylvania so they didn't have to be put down. Destination: 300 miles away.

The driver of the van was not charged with a crime, but was given a warning and the police officers did educate him on the proper way to transport animals.

Although they were a bit scared after their ride, the puppies were doing OK before being turned over to the Humane Society of Greater Akron.


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