'After Earth' is part of a strangely popular sub-genre. Be it 'The Hunger Games,' or 'Oblivion' or 'The Host,' surviving a post-apocalyptic Earth is the in thing now. This summer offers one of the biggest of these movies, as M. Night Shyamalan directs Will and Jaden Smith in this story of astronauts who crash land on Earth, only to have to fight to survive. And now there's a new trailer.

But first, here's the film's new poster:


The big improvement/difference with this trailer is that we finally see some creatures on Earth that are either mutants or aliens. We've seen the monkeys and big birds before, but now there's something that makes it feel a little more futuristic.

'After Earth' is also interesting for less positive reasons. Shyamalan is coming off a string of bad pictures (like 'The Happening' and 'The Last Airbender'), so we're curious if he's still got it, or if this is his last big studio picture, while Will Smith took a five year absence from movies (partly because of the prolonged 'Men in Black 3' shoot), and it's hard to tell if he's still the biggest movie star in the world. There's a lot riding on the film.

Here's the film's synopsis:

A crash landing leaves teenager Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) and his legendary father Cypher (Will Smith) stranded on Earth, 1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape. With Cypher critically injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help, facing uncharted terrain, evolved animal species that now rule the planet, and an unstoppable alien creature that escaped during the crash. Father and son must learn to work together and trust one another if they want any chance of returning home.

Cypher Raige! Best name ever. 'After Earth' hits theaters June 7. Here's that trailer:

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